Waterproof Flooring for Pets

Do you have pets and need quality waterproof flooring for them? Well, Anthony’s World of Floors has you covered! We offer our customers an array of great flooring options that are waterproof, because we know that accidents happen. When they do, easy-clean waterproof floors are the way to go! We are located in Port Washington, but serve clients throughout Long Island. So, whether you are in Nassau County or Suffolk County, we are here to help find you the perfect floor! Please call 516-883-2159 today. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation.

Waterproof Flooring For PetsThe Importance of Waterproof Flooring For Your Pets!

Waterproof flooring can be a crucial aspect for many people who own pets. Those who own pets understand the importance of being able to quickly clean a mess. Messes happen no matter what, but with pets, it is often a little more common. Especially in the early days of owning a dog, since they might do their business in the home before they learn to go outside. But even aside from those types of accidents, pets are prone to spills of other kinds. Cats and dogs can be rambunctious and in the process might knock over some water. No matter the type of accident, having a floor will make cleaning up a cinch. We manufacture waterproof flooring for pets that offers quick and easy cleaning. All at an affordable price.

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Anthony’s World of Floors has years of experience providing home and business owners with great flooring options to choose from. Our showroom is located in Port Washington, New York. Despite being located in Nassau County, we service customers throughout Long Island. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best flooring options for their money.

For more information about our various waterproof flooring options for pets, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our selection of floors. The number to call to speak to a customer service representative is 516-883-2159. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and go over all of the possible flooring options. And if possible, we will also give you an estimate for the cost.