Preparing for installation


Congratulations on your new floor!

We would like to ask that you please take a moment to read over the following information in preparation for your installation

  1. If your planning to paint or wallpaper, try to do it several days before or after the installation. There is less chance for damage the longer it has to dry. Our mechanics are as careful as possible, however please plan for some minor touch-ups where contact with your walls is unavoidable.

  2. Please be sure to discuss seam placement and floor direction with your salesperson prior to your installation date.

  3. We will move large empty pieces of furniture (a fee may apply). We ask that you remove all accessories, lamps, knickknacks and other breakables. Please clear off and remove all items from bookshelves, china cabinets & buffets. We will not handle fish tanks, grandfather clocks, pool tables, water beds or grand pianos. We ask that you move televisions, stereos, computers and any rare antiques or heirlooms.

  4. Clear closet floors & low-hanging items.

  5. Sometimes we need to remove furniture drawers in order to move it. Be sure to remove any private items you would not want to be seen.

  6. Leave a clear path to the room where the work is being done.

  7. We will work as neatly and carefully as possible, but please keep in mind floor covering and refinishing can cause some mess and additional clean up will be necessary after we leave. If you have a cleaning service we recommend scheduling them to come after.

  8. The final payment is due upon completion. Please have a check or credit card number ready for the mechanic when he has completed your installation.

Thank you for your business and trust in our company, your satisfaction is our priority! For more information about any of our flooring installation options, please contact us today.



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