What to know about maintaining hardwood flooring?

What to know about maintaining hardwood flooring?

Wood flooring is an excellent choice for every room in your home. It goes incredibly well with certain decor types and interior designs.

But once in place, you have to maintain these floors. And the more you know about how to do that before you buy, the better.

Choosing the best options first

It's easier to maintain floors that have undergone a professional installation. This gives you a great foundation to start on for years of great flooring.

Make sure you have the best sealant and finish type for your lifestyle. Then, even with solid hardwood flooring, you can keep maintenance up with ease.

Tips for easy maintenance

It's important to sweep daily and then follow with a damp or dust mop to finish. Daily care ensures scratch and wear prevention as long as possible.

Clean up spills as soon as they happen, so there's no danger of permanent stains or water damage. But refrain from using any steam cleaner, which could damage your wood.

Area rugs and runners are always a great idea, especially in high-traffic areas. It keeps traffic, dirt, debris, and spills off the surface of your wood flooring.

Finally, be careful which commercial cleaners you use on these materials. Some are better for your hardwood than others, so buy with care.

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