Nassau County Eco-Friendly Flooring

Anthony’s World of Floors offers people throughout Nassau County, Long Island with wonderful eco-friendly flooring options. It is important during this day and age that we take care of the earth we live on. By using sustainable flooring materials, you can be a doing a small part in helping the environment. We offer eco-friendly flooring options for both home and business owners throughout Nassau County, Long Island. For more information about all of the floors we have in stock, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions you might have about our selection of floors. The number for our office is 516-883-2159. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote. Many of these floors are easily customizable. So we can also go over those custom floor options available to you!

Eco-Friendly Flooring Benefits

Eco-Friendly Flooring NassauWhen you choose eco-friendly flooring for your Nassau County floor, naturally there are some benefits. Here are a few aspects that can affect the impact green flooring material has on the environment:

  • Ability to be renewed and recycled
  • Responsible manufacturer
  • Transportation distance
  • Maintenance and life cycle
  • Toxicity to environment

Taking these factors into consideration for your floor goes a long way in helping the environment. The ability of the floor to be renewed and recycled is perhaps the most important benefit. Less manufacturing occurs when this happens, while lowers the carbon footprint of the maker. The maintenance and life cycle are also crucial. If the floor has a long lifespan, then less manufacturing occurs. Again, this lowers the carbon footprint in an important way.

Lower Installation Costs

There are also some ways you can lower costs for floor installations and help out the environment simultaneously. One simple thing you can do is tack carpets down instead of using glue. It is a safe alternative to using glue while eliminating many potentially hazardous pollutants. However, if you do want to use glue, there are water-based options to look into to minimize your ecological footprint. 

So as you can see, the installation of some eco-friendly flooring for your home or office offers the environment so needed benefits. When selecting a type of floor, be sure to check with us about what you need. We offer different flooring options for those looking for flooring that is both environmentally friendly and affordable.