Long Island Waterproof Flooring

Trusted Waterproof Flooring Suppliers

Anthony's World of Floors is a trusted distributor of flooring options. Our service area spreads across Long Island. We proudly provide our customers with a plethora of high-end flooring options. This includes a selection of waterproof flooring options sure to help any situation. We deal with both residential and commercial customers. Waterproof flooring is perfect for many different environments. From the bathroom in your home, to several different work environments. It can be important to have a floor that doesn't permeate water for safety reasons.

Waterproof flooring offers each user its own unique set of benefits. Having a water-resistant floor is important for some areas of the home, as well as many commercial locations. Waterproof flooring repels water and stains due to the tough encasement of moisture-resistant materials that make up the floor. And it is a type of floor that is easy to clean. It can be quickly scrubbed and wiped down when there is some kind of mess. Do not waste time cleaning up spills on the floor, because with our waterproof flooring options cleanup is a cinch!

Waterproofing Flooring Estimates

Anthony's World of Floors has years of experience in the flooring industry. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers across Long Island. Please come visit our showroom located, which is located Port Washington, New York. With our showroom, you can see our variety of great flooring options in person. If you are interested in any of our flooring options for your home, office building or commercial building, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our flooring options, including our waterproof flooring. The number to call is 516-883-2159. We can provide you with a free estimate on many of our available flooring options.