Unique Hardwood Floors

Anthony's World of Floors has a great selection of hardwood floors for homes across Nassau County and Long Island. We have partnered with many different manufacturers of floors. We aim to provide you with the best selection at the most competitive prices. If you're looking to spruce up your living space with some unique hardwood floors, you have come to the right place! We will work step-in-step with you to help you complete you vision and you will not need to pay an arm and a leg to get the job done. We will work closely with you and help to choose the materials that will work best for your budget. 

The Benefits

Having your own unique hardwood floors provides a variety of benefits for the user. Below I will detail a few of these benefits for you to help with any decision you make need to make about a flooring project.

Unique Hardwood FloorsLow Maintenance

Perhaps the top of that list is how low maintenance it is to own. It is very easy to clean. This type of floor can be swept, steam-cleaned, or vacuumed to remove any dirt or debris. And they do not harbor any environmental hazards, such as dust mites or pet dander. And they are much more stain resistant compared to carpets. All you need to do is wipe it up when it comes to hardwood floors. You don't need me to remind you what the process is for spills on carpets, right?


It is strong and durable. This is essentially a subset of why it is so easy to clean. It is because of how durable it is. If you take proper care of your hardwood floors, the surface can last for decades. Sure, it can get a scratch or dented, but it is not easy to do.

Add Value To Your Home

They do not call them unique hardwood floors for no reason! These floors can add value to your home. Buyers will typically pay more for a house with hardwood floors than a carpet. Many buyers simply do not want carpet. And they most certainly do not want someone else's carpet. They often see a carpet as a petri dish that may provoke their allergy symptoms and would look to replace the carpets anyway. So by already having hardwood floors, you are saving future time and money. 

Improved Air Quality

Better air quality is another important benefit of unique hardwood floors. Carpets trap dust, animal dander, pollen and other common allergens that a hardwood floor simply does not. So if you have allergies, hardwood floors are a must! They significantly improve the air quality in your home. 

Affordable Manufacturer of Unique Hardwood Floors

For more information about the unique hardwood floors we manufacture for people across Long Island, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding all that we offer. You can call our office at 516-883-2159. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation about the flooring materials you need. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today!