Green Flooring

Anthony's World of Floors is a leading floor contractor for customers across Nassau County and throughout Long Island. We provide people with a wide array of quality green flooring options. We have years of experience in the flooring industry and provide our customers with the best flooring installation services and options in the area. 

What Does It Mean To Go Green?

"Going green" is a ideal that has grown in our country over the years. The flooring of your home or office is no exception to this sort of thinking. We aim to provide you with as many green flooring choices as possible to give you a floor that is green friendly and affordable. Here are a few factors that can effect the impact a flooring material has on the environment: Ability to be renewed and recycled; Responsible Manufacturer; Transportation distance; Maintenance and life cycle; Toxicity to environment. Green flooring takes those considerations to heart. And as a supplier of quality green flooring options, we proudly aim to meet these standards.

The Importance of Going Green With Your Floor

Over the years, EPA studies have shown that indoor pollutant levels can be two to five times higher than they are outside. The source of many of these problems can be pinned to the floor. The installation of a new carpet and flooring can fill the air with hundreds of volatile organic compounds that may take years to actually dissipate. Carpets are also often treated with toxic chemicals for moth-proofing or to reduce soil and moisture. And not for nothing, but a carpet can also trap chemicals that come in from the outside. 

This is why it is important to go green with your floor. There are different ways to combat these issues and one of them is choosing a green floor. There are simple ways to minimize the environmental and health costs that may come with carpeting. Perhaps the biggest way to do this is to find the right carpet and getting it installed properly. The installation of a carpet comes with health hazards due to the chemical-based glues that are used. To combat this, the carpet can be tacked down. This eliminates the use of any glue. If glue is necessary, you can find water-based, low volatile organic compound glues.

Green Flooring Consultations

Anthony's World of Floors has been dealing with customers across Long Island and Nassau County for years. We have established ourselves as one of the premier green flooring distributors in the area. If you are interested in our green flooring options, please contact us today. Request a quote for the flooring options you desire. The number to call is 516-883-2159. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the flooring for your home or office. Help save the environment with our quality and dependable green flooring options. We aim to maintain our green footprint for years to come!